Sunday, 3 June 2012

Vulcan team target Air Tattoo return

Well it's been an emotional few days for us Vulcan fans, one day fearing that the airshow season season was lost (and for some of us, being really thankful that that was it all that had happened) but then the hope that followed that maybe, just maybe the season was not lost, given the effort that was being focused on returning XH558 to the air.

There was of course, a potentially catastrophic event that took place a week ago, but fortunately all that happened was the need for 2 engines to be replaced, and hopefully they will be.

That will of course take time to take place, and we've now seen that any displays in the month of June have now been given the thumbs down, simply to ease the pressure from the dedicated Vulcan engineering team - and I've every confidence that they'll get to where they need to be in good time.

Questions will be asked by fans, and quite rightly so, but they'll also be asked by the team at Vulcan to the Sky, but the need right now is to return the Vulcan to the sky, as per the team name, and I'm also confident that that will happen.

In the last few days, many words have been said, but not really with the chance for VTTS to come out and say anything, so it was pleasing to see the likes of Dr Robert Pleming to come out and talk on the new UKAR podcast - now I'm a member on the forum (known as Banksy - not very cryptic, but hey ho that's me), and what a great interview it was too, by Dan O'Hagan, who is also a member on the forum and also a commentator at the Air Tattoo too, and I'm sure he'll do a great job in the commentary box this year too.

The interview confirmed what we all thought, that damage had been caused to not one, but two engines, but the good news being that the airframe had come through unscathed, meaning a straight engine swap would be the order of the day, and that is what they are now concentrating on.

The Vulcan was due to kick off it's June appearances at Torquay, but that has fallen by the wayside as has the appearance at Waddington - although if things happen quickly, you just never know, maybe just maybe, it could be ready for action there - but let's plan for it not being there.

Instead, let's hope that the Delta Lady makes it to RIAT in July, which is the first target on the renewed list of displays for this season - there is no mistaking that this is an airshow that it needs to aim for - although given that the sponsorship has perhaps not met the demands needed, this is more for the enthusiasts to just enjoy her appearance, but that's what it's all about isn't it?

It's been a desperate week for the Vulcan crew, but I've no doubt that she will bounce back in traditional style, and whilst we're on the subject of bouncing back, how great is it that that over £275,000 has been raised towards the £300k target set back in February - amazing stuff from a bunch of fans who just love to see this aircraft performing in the air, and long may it continue.

I have included the link below to the UKAR podcast, again it;s an excellent podcast, and one which also carries a feature on another V Bomber - The Victor, so enjoy that too!

Til next time...

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Anonymous said...

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Ian Hannah said...

I saw the Vulcan flying today, 5/7/12 an what a truly spectacular sight. A huge congratulations to all involved. You have all done a fantastic job and long may she fly.

Anonymous said...

We saw it too while at burleigh house. We were totally star struck!

Anonymous said...

We saw it at Eastbourne yesterday!
Amazing x

Anonymous said...

I think this flew over my house yesterday.... I live near Biggleswade, it was amazing! Can anyone confirm?

Anonymous said...

Think we saw this fly over clacton way about 20min ago, can anyone confirm?

Anonymous said...

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Avionics equipment @ AvionTEq said...

It’s my wish to see the Vulcan flying and soaring high. You are so lucky Ian Hannah!

Anonymous said...

The Vulcan was flying spectacularly on Saturday over Elvington, near York, clearly being put through its paces. Fantastic sight, and noise!

Christine Smith said...

I saw the Vulcan today 9th Aug 2014 fly over my house. Its bedded at Doncaster and is due to fly to Ireland tomorrow. I'd really like to know if anyone has any idea when she will depart. Would sooooo love to be there and wave her off.

Anonymous said...

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