Sunday, 30 August 2009

Vulcan at Dunsfold

Well last year, Dunsfold wasn't so lucky with the weather as far as the Vulcan was concerned, but this year they just scraped through, despite the poor conditions, the Vulcan made it... again thanks to this YouTube video contributor...

Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Vulcan at Silverstone

A quick thanks to the poster of this on YouTube, a clip of the Vulcan at Silverstone today.

A nice little howl too!

Timings for Sunday released

The Vulcan is due at 3 different locations tomorrow, and the provisional timings have been released, and are as follows:

3.03pm - Take off from Brize Norton
3.07pm - Flypast at Uffington

The Vulcan will then be making a quick fly around Newbury & Thatcham

4.11pm - Arrive & Display at Dunsfold
5.00pm - Land at Brize Norton

I do believe that it was supposed to be at Romsey tomorrow as well but will update the post when further details are known.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Vulcan ready for big weekend

It's a big weekend then for the Vulcan bomber, as the Delta Lady hopes to appear at 3 airshows, and here is the plan for tomorrow:

3.40pm - take off from Brize Norton
4.05pm - Formation with The Blades at Sywell
5.01pm - Display at Silverstone
5.35pm - land at Brize Norton

So, hopefully it will be all systems go tomorrow, Sunday, and all ready for next weekend too, as it displays just 5 minutes up the road from me!!!

I can't wait.

Everyone at Silverstone tomorrow - get ready...The Vulcan is coming!!!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Vulcan Display at RIAT 2009

One of the highlights of the airshow season is the Royal international Air Tattoo, and this year's was keenly awaited thanks to two things, the cancellation of 2008's show thanks to the weather, and the fact that the Vulcan was making it's return to RIAT at Fairford.

XH558 didn't disappoint either, with a fantastic display on both days of the show, with the clouds staying in the distance on Day 1, and on Day 2 the rain just held off in time for it's Display.

It was certainly a mammoth take off for the Vulcan, which looked almost like it was flying upside down at one stage, obviously it wasn't, but it was pretty close!

The modern day display may not come close to the displays of the past, but that is fair enough, due to the limited time on the airframe, but it still does quite enough to stop everyone in their tracks, the sheer sight of the Vulcan bomber is enough to make everyone stop what they are doing.

On a personal note, I am counting down the days until XH558 makes its appearance at Hawarden next Saturday (5th September) as long as the weather holds and is serviceable of course.

It's been a good couple of decades since the area was treated to a Vulcan display, but those memories will all come flooding back if the Delta Lady turns up to delight all once again!

Next up is a weekend full of displays, as it heads to Silverstone on Saturday, then off to Dunsfold, Uffington, and Romsey on Sunday. Fingers crossed it manages each display.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Missed Approach Classic @ Yeovilton

One of the best catches of the Vulcan was a Yeovilton on the Friday night before the Airshow, when XH558 arrived at the base, and gave an excellent welcome to those filming her arrival.

Sadly, the arrival was as good as it got for Vulcan fans, as weather eventually prevented the display taking place.

The reaction of the man with the cam says it all, and what a great howl!!!

Credit to the one who created that (award winning) footage!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Vulcan XH558 - ready for take off

A bit belatedly, I've created a blog about the Vulcan Bomber, with XH558 being the main focus of attention.

The idea is basically to follow the news about the Vulcan, get some pictures posted, and keep a blog of where the Vulcan is going to be or has been!

As it's nearing the end of the airshow season, I'll fetch some reviews of the Vulcan tearing through the skies, as well as some updates as to where the Vulcan is appearing next!