Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Cosford first date for the Vulcan

Well we were all wondering where we'd see the Vulcan's name first, and on Friday the news broke that the first Airshow to book XH558 is indeed RAF Cosford on June 12th - great news!

Hopefully this will be the first of many bookings in a year where the Vulcan team have promised to take her to more and more venues, hopefully funds will permit that to happen as the more people that see this famous aircraft the better!

Unfortunately last year the Cosford Airshow came too soon for the Delta Lady to be ready for, as she was obviously undergoing the major service following the appeal to raise funds, so hopefully this year all things will go okay and on time, and Shropshire will roar to the sound of the Vulcan.

The latest update from the Vulcan team explains how the CAA are giving the aircraft the once over, and probably twice over too, as the Permit to Fly regulations are checked out, to make sure the team are complying with all the terms and conditions!

Anyway, just a short one this week, to delight in the news that the shows are starting to book the one and only Vulcan Bomber!