Thursday, 30 June 2011

Top 10 Vulcan Videos - Day 10

It's the final day of the series looking at ten top Vulcan videos, and hopefully if you're a reader of this blog you've enjoyed the selection - I'll come to the final one in a moment.

Yesterday though was the day that mattered for the Vulcan team as the permit revalidation was to take place following the submission of the application to renew from Marshall Aerospace, and according to Vulcan officials everything went as expected, and the permit was extended by another 12 months which is fantastic news for the team & its supporters!

So we should all expect XH558 to depart Doncaster this afternoon for her appearance at Waddington as part of the Press Day, with the main show of course being at the weekend.

The skies of Lincolnshire will once again be thundering to the sound of the Vulcan with not one, not two, but three performances in four days - lucky people over there in Lincoln!!
Anyway, to the final video of the top 10, and I have to confess - it's one of my own - yep, sorry for that, but I was just so fortunate to get the Vulcan howl that day, and what a howl it turned out to be, lasting for an eternity, and also described on the youtube comments as something like off War of the Worlds, and yes you can understand where they are coming from on that one!

The video itself was filmed on a day when I decided to treat my mum to see the Vulcan take off - she'd not seen that in the past few decades, ad it was herself that introduced me to XH558, so she will have my eternal thanks for that.

Have a read of the full description on the video for everything that revolved around that day, but the whole Vulcan team were fantastic to us, with a closer up view, sitting inside the cock pit, and then the ultimate...seeing the Vulcan take off from the Brize Norton control tower - what a day...

Typical of my mum though to start talking just as the howl was about to be heard across what seemed the whole of Oxfordshire! Another thing about the video was the crazy looking skies that appeared too, it went from blue skies to a creepy pinky blue, with you almost thinking time for the lights to come on, and yet this was about 3pm!

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Top 10 Vulcan Videos - Day 9

It's a big day for the Vulcan today, with the permit revalidation flight due over Doncaster, and hopefully the CAA will grant the Vulcan more flying time for the next year - Vulcan officials have already indicated in the latest newsletter that Marshall Aerospace have already submitted the application, and hope to have it all rubber stamped today.

Anything other than that would be a travesty.

The Vulcan Appeal has also taken another significant step forward with donations now totalling just £118 short of the £250,000 mark - an amazing achievement - but don't forget that still another £100k is needed by the end of next month, so if you can help...donate today!

Today's Video that I have chosen is another golden oldie, and it's one from 21 years ago believe it or not, at RAF Manston - it sort of brings back the memories I used to have of airshows, hot sunny days, blue skies, set back from the crowd line, screaming kids, and trying to follow the aircraft over someone's motor home - I was always jealous of those who used to sit on the top of them on their deck chairs, I bet they were a cameraman's nightmare too!

Anyway, the real life action start again today for the Vulcan team with only Friday the non flying day for the next few days, so good luck to the team with the revalidation in mind, and let's hope that weather forecast shows dry weather for the next few days, so we can all enjoy the power and glorious sound of the Vulcan!

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Top 10 Vulcan Videos - Day 8

So, to Day 8 on the Top 10 Vulcan videos, and I have to say I do enjoy watching these back, and some great footage out there!

Now, it's a bit of a brief one today as I'm off to Alton Towers so day off just getting ready for the short trip to Staffordshire!

Anyway, enough about that, time to showcase another great Vulcan video - now as far as footage of XH558 goes this video is thin on the ground, but it's more the reaction of the two kids and the major happy father that delights in this video.

The father is obviously made up to catch a real gem as the Vulcan appears so low by the trees, "Look at that, my days, look at thaaaaaaaat!" - superb response from happy father on that one, and then the two kids take over. The youngest one in the yellow shirt very excited, whilst the slightly older one replied with a cool, "Yep" - good stuff!

That one filmed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where of course XH558 is heading again this Sunday.

Tomorrow is a big day for the Vulcan, as the permit revalidation is due to take place at Doncaster, fingers crossed everything goes as expected, and we can all relax and look forward to the weekend!

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Monday, 27 June 2011

Top 10 Vulcan Videos - Day 7

Well it's the start of the week once again, and it's Waddo week, with this weekend's airshow being one of the main attractions on the airshow calendar this year.

For the 10 days leading up to arrivals day I've been looking at ten of the best Vulcan videos, and there aren't half some crackers out there - in fact I could probably make a top 20 out of it!

For today's choice, it's a preview of what's to come on Thursday as XH558 flies in to Waddington for the Press Day, and there are various versions of this video out there, but not many as good as this one...

The anticipation of the arrival, with that Yeovilton style fear of what's coming next was clearly kicking in, and what must the driver of the blue car have been thinking????

Original link:

The best bit of course is at the start, but a worthy shot of the Lanc follows it too!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Top 10 Vulcan Videos - Day 6

It's Sunday, and in just 6 days time the Waddington Airshow will be getting underway, and for some others it will be underway sooner with the Press Day on Thursday and Arrivals Day on Friday.

The latest on the Vulcan Appeal sees the total now at £241,000 - getting closer every day to knocking that down to a 5 figured sum, and with just over a month to go to raise £109,000 then there is every chance that the Vulcan's immediate future will be secured - don't forget, it wouldn't be flying without everyone's donations - there is no white knight (though we wish there was!) - it's basically down to each and every one of us to try and do our bit, I know we have already, but if we want to keep on seeing it, then we know what we need to do - spread the word in any way possible, maybe try and think of something outside the box to help bring in more revenue.

The Vulcan Bomber Blog has offered a suggestion to the Vulcan team and hopefully that will get off the ground in the next few weeks to help push the appeal to a new audience.

Anyway, back to the top 10 Vulcan videos, remember they are not in any particular order, they are just a collection of what are in my opinion, some great videos out there of not just XH558, but others from years gone by too.

Today's video is quite a poignant one, with part of the video being the farewell flight, but I've picked the video for both the corker of a howl, and also the final wave goodbye - gladly just for the time being.

Original video link on Youtube:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Top 10 Vulcan Videos - Day 5

Well it's Saturday, and a break in the action for XH558 on the airshow circuit this weekend, but some excellent news that two more appearances have been booked in, with confirmation that she'll be appearing at Southport on Saturday 23rd July, and also at Goodwood next Sunday, which means the Vulcan will take off from Waddington, then to display at Goodwood before returning straight into the display at Waddo.

There were some rumours about the Vulcan not having a Permit to Fly over the Waddington weekend, well sources have confirmed that the new PTF is scheduled to be confirmed in midweek prior to the departure to waddington, which takes place on Thursday 30th June, with the Vulcan crew arriving and displaying at the Waddington Airshow Press Day, so an extra treat for those in the Lincoln area that day!

Now, back to the top 10 Vulcan videos that I'm showcasing during the build up to the Waddington Airshow, and here is today's effort, which is a throwback to the good old displays of 1992, and this one was filmed at Church Fenton, I'm loving this video, not many howls it has to be said, but it's worth the watch just to sit back and enjoy the many aspects of the old display - many would of course love to see today's display as dynamic - but I think we can all appreciate why that's not possible!

One extra point to note on the video, is when the Delta Lady taxis back down the runway, there is almost a wink from the Vulcan, of course it's a glint of sunshine but it just seems to be the aircraft winking to the crowd (around the 8:40 mark).

Thanks to the youtuber for the filming of this clip, the original link to it is:

Hope you enjoy today's clip and enjoy also the rest of your Saturday!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Top 10 Vulcan Videos - Day 4

This is of course the countdown of (in my opinion) ten of the best Vulcan videos, and today's is no exception.

The difference with today's is there is no sound, so I guess you could question why it should be included in the top 10???

Well, all you need to do is see what features in it, and make up in your own head what the sound must have been like, especially if you happened to be on the base at the time.

The base is of course RAF Waddington, the scene of next weekend's airshow, which is touted as the RAF's premier airshow, and great to hear that the Vulcan will be appearing here, but I bet there are many fans out there who would give anything to see what is contained in this video again - anyway, well done to the Youtuber for catching the action live...

Original link:

Enjoy your Friday...

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Top 10 Vulcan Videos - Day 3

So, to the third day of the top ten Vulcan videos, and another corker for today, hope you like the choice!

Cast your minds back to RIAT 2009, and after the relief of the airshow going ahead after the previous year's washout, XH558 made her return to the skies over Fairford, and in front of nearly 100,000 signalled perhaps a collective rubbing of hips - after all everyone seemed to get out of their seats when they saw the Vulcan preparing for take off, and commanding everyone's attention for the display.

Saturday was the dry but windy day, and that's the day that I saw the display, but on the Sunday the weather changed for the worse, and it was looking doubtful that there would be a Vulcan display with the weather closing in, but just like that the rain held off just when the Delta Lady was due to fill the skies, and cue the take off...

That is what the day 3 video is all about, the dampened crowd were to be served up a treat with a stunning take off that saw a wing over that simply looked like the Vulcan had turned upside down - it must have had everyone talking on the day, now obviously it didn't go upside down, but how looks can be deceiving hey?

So, to the video...

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Top 10 Vulcan Videos - Day 2

Time for day 2 now on the Top 10 Vulcan videos, and remember they are in no particular order...

Today's clip comes from the Air tattoo many years ago, in the days when you would have guaranteed hot weather with sunny blue skies, something which is a rarity these days at RIAT, but you always hope that this year will be different!

The actual video is a corker, starting off with the B52 take off, which as we all know is unique in itself, but then follows the main act - the howl of the Vulcan, and what a howl this one has too - the piece I love most about the vid is that there is a lot of mystery around it, as the person filming sort of gets lost amongst the motorhomes & cars (don't you just love seeing those old cars again!), also great to revisit those days when you could actually take your car on the base at Fairford!

Anyway, I've digressed, but just love the way the camera here just waits for that moment for the Vulcan to appear from behind that motorhome on the right, and then loses it seconds later only for the stunning lift on take off to have already happened!

Great quality vid from years gone by...get that sun factor 10 on now...

Original link:

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Appeal Update & More Dates Added

Great to see that the Vulcan Appeal has now jumped up to £236,000 - that puts it £14k away from the next milestone, and what will hopefully see the appeal target reduced to a five figured sum needed compared to the six that we're currently seeing.

It's testament to see the world of Vulcan fans digging deep to keep her up in the air for as long as possible, and hopefully that will continue as the £350k target gets closer - it would be great and something certainly to celebrate once again, that the public have kept the dream alive!

Vulcan at Dunsfold
There have also been further appearances just added to the Vulcan Display calendar, with the Bournemouth Air Festival joining the hosting of XH558 with Shoreham on the same day, and a week later on Bank Holiday Monday (29th August), Dunsfold will get to see her in the air too at the Wings & Wheels Event - it's all good news today!

Keep donating if you can to the Vulcan appeal!

Top 10 Vulcan Videos - Day 1

Well, we're not that far away from the Vulcan's appearance at the Waddington Airshow now, and as the battle to reach the £350,000 donations target continues, I thought it time to have a look at my favourite Vulcan videos posted on You Tube.

I'm sure everyone has their favourites, all for differing reasons, whether its for the power, the majestic sight of XH558 owning the skies, the howl, or indeed the old barrel rolls - whatever the reason I hope you like the 10 that I've selected, so here we go (and in true reality show style) in no particular order here is the first pick:


What a way to start, with this monster of a video, with over 50,000 hits. It can be a little shaky at times, now whether that's the nerves of the person holding the camera I'm not sure, but considering what happens once the fence has been cleared, I'd be shaking too - the sight of the sheep darting off in all directions is quality too!

Anyway, enough jibber jabber, time to enjoy the video....

That video is legendary!

Tune in tomorrow for another one!!!

Don't forget if you can spare a penny or two, please donate today here

Saturday, 18 June 2011

A successful weekend for the Vulcan crew

Following last weekend's nightmare weather at Cosford, there was a change of luck this weekend as the Vulcan completed two displays at both the Cotswold Airshow and also on the South coast at Margate, where XH558 put in a shift to wow the crowds again.

First off then, and the take off at Kemble which saw a great take off - see the video below, and thanks go to the youtuber for the excellent footage from outside the base, and there was a cracking display there before it was on to Margate to make the most of the dry conditions amongst a relatively up and down weekend as far as the weather was concerned in the UK - so great to see another successful weekend for the Vulcan crew to enjoy.

By the way, came across a fantastic video on youtube this evening too, with the famous howl...

Roll on Waddington...

Friday, 17 June 2011

Vulcan departing for Kemble

Absolutely superb howl caught on video by a Youtuber today at Doncaster, as the Vulcan took off for Kemble. Full marks!

Original link here:

Vulcan crew get ready for Kemble

It's another anxious look to the skies this weekend for the Vulcan crew as they embark on their latest display destinations, hoping for better luck with the weather than what was experienced at Cosford last Sunday!

The Isle of Man weather would be fine mind!!

The crew have checked in early today to make an earlier flight from Doncaster down to Kemble, with a 10.30 flight time likely.

The funding appeal now stands at £225,000 - so just another £125k to go now to hit the target, which is of course needed by 31st July. To donate, please visit the Vulcan to the Sky homepage

Sunday, 12 June 2011

A mixed bag of a weekend for the Vulcan crew

It was a weekend that was being extremely anticipated, with a trip to the Isle of Man for the first ever display at Douglas to close the Isle of Man TT Races, followed by an appearance at RAF Cosford's Air Show - generally regarded as the main start of the airshow season.

Friday night saw the rainclouds disappear at the perfect time as the Vulcan display was completed over Douglas Bay in lovely blue skies, and a friend of mine who was there for the TT commented, "wow, that was loud!" after the display by XH558!

I'm sure many more felt the same, and some great You Tube videos available too, such as this one, that features the great sight and sounds of the Vulcan - there is also a particular video on there which whilst distant, catches the howl at the end of the display rather nicely - check it out.

Then onto Sunday, and what everyone hoped would be a great display at Cosford, only for the weather to completely ruin the day, and forced the cancellation of the appearance by the Delta Lady.

So, with no doubt a disappointed crowd, but more so disappointed crew, who would have been looking forward to a trip, but ultimately the weather dictates events in this country, and sadly another year minus the Vulcan at Cosford, lets hope for an appearance in 2012!

So, eyes now turn to next weekend, and the plan is to see the Vulcan crew take the aircraft from its residential home at Doncaster Airport, to Kemble in Gloucestershire, ready for the airshow on Saturday.

The flight is to take place on Friday morning from Doncaster, to then see the display on Saturday afternoon around 3pm - a proper kick off time!

Great to see that the donations continue to come in, and the appeal is now up to just shy of £220,000 - so just another £130k to go to hit the target of £350k by July 31st.

To donate, please visit the Vulcan website.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Vulcan confirmed for Air Tattoo

News has just filtered through that the Avro Vulcan will be part of the Royal International Air Tattoo over the weekend of July 16/17 - and is set to be one of the top draws for the event, which has as usual an array of aircraft attending, but experienced it's fair share of disappointing pull outs like other air shows this season.

Now the news is confirmed that the Delta Lady will be in attendance, that will ensure another bumper gate I'm sure - good news for a Friday afternoon!

Next stop the Isle of Man - estimated departure time is 7.10pm...thanks to the Vulcan Twitter for that info!

Timings have also been released for Sunday too, with the first display being the visit to RAF Cosford, and the airshow visitors will be scanning the skies after 4pm, with the display due at around 4.15pm.

Following the display at Cosford, it will be on to Kemble where the Vulcan will arrive at approximately 5pm and will be the guest for the week, ahead of next week's Cotswold Air Show.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Excitement building ahead of main airshow season

Vulcan fans can be forgiven for getting excited at the prospect of seeing XH558 in the air again, as the taster given at Bruntingthorpe for the Cold War Jets Day ceertainly whetted the appetite for some more Vulcan action, and with the appeal reaching £215k, now maybe we should look at a countdown of the target which is now under £135,000 which hopefully can be raised between now and the end of July.

There has been plenty of news surrounding the Vulcan movements recently, and of course the new home at Doncaster Airport, which will hopefully bring in more revenue - and a chance for the public to see the aircraft and experience that famous howl - oh I couldn't resist it, another excuse to throw in the video of "the howl":

This week though, the airshow season really kicks off with RAF Cosford being the first 'biggie' of the year, and weather and serviceability permitting, theVulcan will make an appearance on Sunday afternoon, with the probability of a late afternoon display following arrival from South Yorkshire, before heading off to Kemble in Gloucestershire to stay the week before the Cotswold Airshow takes place.

Before all that though, there is the rare appearance of a late evening display over the Isle of Man, where the Vulcan will be helping to finish off the Isle of Man TT event, and there certainly haven't been many appearances around the 7.30pm/8pm mark which is likely to be the case on Friday night, let's hope there are plenty of youtubers around as they look to catch the display at Douglas - the first time they have displayed in the Isle of Man!

There will then be of course the Cosford show on Sunday, which last time the Vulcan appeared resulted in the gates being closed due to the capacity being reached on the airfield, and roads brought to a halt in the area - the compelling Vulcan effect will I'm sure take place again in the midlands on Sunday, so it will be an early start for most even though the flying display doesn't actually start until the clock passes noon!

In the near future there is of course the visit to the RAF Waddington, who are beginning to line up a half decent show, despite some major pull outs, but it remains a great show with the Thunderbirds the headline act this year, although I'm sure XH558 will give them a run for their money!

The Royal International Air Tattoo is just around the corner too, and despite her not being confirmed as yet, I'm sure she'll be there, and sandwiched in between is a trip to Yeovilton (who can forget that youtube video!!??!!), whilst also pencilled in further down the line are Sunderland (a 2 day-er), Shoreham (another 2 day-er!), Portrush & Cosby both in September.

I'm sure more dates will be added, and something that has been added is The Vulcan Bomber Blog on the Summer Plaque which I'm delighted about as this blog makes its own contribution to the appeal.

That's it for now, but for those in the North West, keep your eyes looking up this Friday evening, and if you're lucky you may just be on the flightpath as the Vulcan travels over from Donny to Douglas!